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We are from Poplar Primary School in the London Borough of Merton. This blog is going to help us with our music education. We hope to share our music making and our learning here on this blog. We hope that you stop by to listen and comment!

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    • Thank you Pavan. Very kind of you to say so!


  1. Hello Mrs Schneider!
    I watched the Gum boots dance video with my family.
    The video was great. I specially like the traditional song they made without musical instruments.
    I love your music class.
    Thank you!


    • Thank you Jeremy! I am so pleased that you showed our blog to your family. Thank you for leaving a comment. I enjoy teaching your class very much!


  2. My Year 1 daughter came home asking me to find a song you had taught her. I said I needed more information or words to look it up. She said “Type in Mrs Schneider’s Poplar Music Matters Chinese New Year” and imagine my surprise when we found the song. The delight on her face was a fabulous sight! Thank you 🙂


    • I am so pleased you found it! I do like being able to put up the music so that children can listen to it at home. Thank you for taking the trouble to leave a comment! Much appreciated 🙂


  3. Dear Mrs Schneiher I really like your songs that you teach me and blue class. I really like singing. Why do you like singing? Thank you and I hope you have a good holiday. Love from Shafia


    • Hello Shafia!

      Thank you for leaving a comment. I like singing because it makes me feel good when I sing. I enjoy singing with other people and working hard to create a good sound. Which is your favourite song from this year?

      Mrs Schneider


  4. I would like to say a big thank you for teaching me this year in y6 it should help me at high school if I decide to take music up. You are real inspiration and I loved working with you. Thank you


    • Thank you Chris. What a very kind thing to say. I really appreciate it. Thank you.


    • I am very pleased you took the trouble to find it! I like to put up music resources for the children to look up at home. Thank you so much for leaving a comment.


    • Thank you Vinicio for taking the time to leave a comment


    • You can sing songs from popstars at lots of different times. Assembly is a special time for me to teach you songs you wouldn’t normally hear. What pop songs would you like to sing?


    • Azka, have you looked at the pirate pictures on the home page?

      Mrs Schneider


  5. Hi the blog is so fantastic I am really hoping if you are going to add more songs to it see you 🙂

    Love Azka 🙂


    • Have a look at the home page entitled “take a bow year 6”. I will put up £1 fish for you on videos page 🙂


    • Hi Mrs Schneider can we please do “when your in a spin”in assembly?

      From Azka 🙂


    • I am happy to do requests for singing assembly. Can you remind me how the song goes? Come and find me at playtime 🙂


    • Hi Mrs Schneider I’m really having fun with you.

      From Azka 🙂


    • It is great isn’t it!Thanks for leaving a comment Nicol


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