Goodbye Poplar!

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching music at Poplar. You have been the most wonderful classes to teach. These are just some of the reasons I have enjoyed teaching you

  • Everyone participates and contributes
  • You are kind and encouraging when people are nervous
  • You are brave
  • Everyone listens carefully
  • You think about the music outside of the lessons and bring your ideas into our class lessons.
  • Everyone tries hard and doesn’t give up when the work is tough

I think that those reasons are also the reasons why we have been able to work at such a high standard in music.

I really hope that you have:

  • enjoyed our music lessons
  • learnt how to unlock your singing voice and know exactly what you need to do to polish it up
  • started to crack the code that music is buried within.
  • decided that life without music is dull

If you approach life in the same way you approached our music lessons I know that you will be successful!

My very last piece of advice? Read!!! Read what every you like but just read. You will never be lonely with a book and it will take you to places you can only dream about!

Thank you for the music year 1 and 2. You have taught and helped me more than you will ever know!

Very best wishes,

Mrs Schneider