Goodbye Poplar!

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching music at Poplar. You have been the most wonderful classes to teach. These are just some of the reasons I have enjoyed teaching you

  • Everyone participates and contributes
  • You are kind and encouraging when people are nervous
  • You are brave
  • Everyone listens carefully
  • You think about the music outside of the lessons and bring your ideas into our class lessons.
  • Everyone tries hard and doesn’t give up when the work is tough

I think that those reasons are also the reasons why we have been able to work at such a high standard in music.

I really hope that you have:

  • enjoyed our music lessons
  • learnt how to unlock your singing voice and know exactly what you need to do to polish it up
  • started to crack the code that music is buried within.
  • decided that life without music is dull

If you approach life in the same way you approached our music lessons I know that you will be successful!

My very last piece of advice? Read!!! Read what every you like but just read. You will never be lonely with a book and it will take you to places you can only dream about!

Thank you for the music year 1 and 2. You have taught and helped me more than you will ever know!

Very best wishes,

Mrs Schneider


Congratulations to Elizabeth!

We are very proud of Elizabeth W in year 5 for taking part in the Royal Albert Hall concert. Elizabeth is learning the basson and the violin with Merton Music Foundation but she also sings with Merton Young Voices.
“I had a lay in on the day of the concert because I knew it was going to be a really late night. I got ready & went to the MMF HQ to get on the coach. When we got there we were told what dressing room we were in. We shared a dressing room with the samba performers. We had lunch and had a rehearsal. We went back to our dressing room. My wobbly tooth really hurt so I couldn’t eat my tea. My Dad had to come and pull out the tooth so I could eat my pizza.

My favourite song was “Treasure Trove.” I didn’t feel nervous but I felt happy about singing to such a big audience. I was amazed at how big The Albert Hall is.

I felt really happy it actually happened. I liked Backstories because of the actual stories. I loved the balloon drop at the end! The next day I was so happy that I had done it.

The adults who directed the concert were fabulous. Soo was the most amazing – without her it would never happen. Thank you Soo!!!

Congratulations to Jasmine!

We are very proud of Jasmine in year 2. She played the drums at The Royal Albert Hall. She told me that,

“We practised a couple of days before we went. I came up to the Royal Albert Hall after school.Lily, my teacher helped us practise. I was happy we were able to practise before the real thing. We were able to have our snack and then get changed. We sat backstage and we could hear the concert when it started. I felt nervous when it was our turn to play. I liked it when we changed into our funny outfits onstage. My part was really good. I was happy with how I played. It went quite quickly. We marched off still playing as the bigger children marched on. I tripped a little bit get off the stage so one one of the other drummers, Jay Jay, had to help me! Before the concert I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it , but now I want to do it again!